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  • Matee on 2016-Nov-30 11:36:43 Matee said

    </a>LOL ps3fanboy, you know when someone thinks the ps3 skyrim is better than the 360 version that their levels of delusion has reached a point of no return Brink and duke nukem? those game were pure garbage compared to the ones i mentioned.At least bring up half decent games like la noire and driver that the ps3 won if you want to try to compare ps3 wins to the mighty 360 victories of recent times VN:R_U [11_(179.161].from 20 votes)
  • Trisha on 2016-Nov-30 15:54:19 Trisha said

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  • Ziarre on 2016-Dec-01 19:00:45 Ziarre said

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  • Tracy on 2016-Dec-03 07:50:18 Tracy said

    IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of <a href="">thigns</a> like that?

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